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JFG Pilates Teacher Training & Apprenticeship Program

The pilates teacher training is led by Jenna Farris Goode, Pilates Method Alliance© certified trainer with over 10 years of Pilates teaching experience and almost 20 years as a Pilates enthusiast.  

“My love of Pilates started in Charleston, SC.  After graduating from the College of Charleston, I began my studies with Southeastern Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy but decided that muscle function, & Kinesiology interested me most.  I became certified in personal training and worked as a trainer but desired a more in depth understanding of movement.  I did not want to just structure workouts, I wanted to know “why and how” - regarding strengthening the core, balance, breath, control and the importance of restorative movement.  I then began working in a Pilates studio and through this exposure to Pilates I realized the components I was missing in conventional forms of exercise.  Pilates’ emphasis on control of breath to facilitate movement and improved movement patterns for injury prevention and postural control are critical as it relates to exercise and even daily life!  Pilates is truly a life long journey.  Even after almost 20 years of practice, I feel like I still discover new layers to the fascinating discipline and philosophy of Pilates.“ 



JFG Pilates Teacher Training & Apprenticeship Program Hours will follow the PMA’s recommendations/guidelines for  Comprehensive Pilates teacher training program.


Total 450-500 Program Hours consist of:

1. Six (6) weekend workshops: 

    1-Anatomy & Kinesiology/Pilates history & principles/ Mat work




    5-Exercise analysis & design as well as special populations/precautions/contraindications

    6-Review/Professionalism/Scope of Practice/Ethics

2. Observation

3. Self Practice

4. Student Teaching

5. Practical & written tests/assessment


Required materials will include Return to Life by Joseph Pilates, Anatomy of Movement & manuals

Program minimum 8 months / maximum 12 months

For more information, please contact Jenna Goode at or 901-212-4172.

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