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When I first came to JFG Pilates, I had a herniated disc and a ruptured disc in my back.  Neurologists said I would have to live with pain medicine and a bad back.  After 8 months of rehabilative core work at JFG, I was running, jumping, and playing.  My back is 100% all due to Jenna and her JFG team.  I now go to JFG classes to stay in shape and maintain my overall strength.

Genevieve Chapman

Memphis, TN

I have been a runner my entire life.  After surgery for a ruptured disc, my neurosurgeon recommended I give up running and try Pilates.  I have been working with Jenna for a year and she has changed my life.  My core is stronger and I am more flexible than I have ever been.  I am now back to running and cycling without pain.  I owe my recovery to Jenna and her ability to customize a program for my specific needs.

Dr. Leslie Hayden

Memphis, TN

I started taking Pilates lessons and classes twice a week when I was 62 years old and am now beginning my 18th year.  It was helpful from the beginning and has become essential to my well being as I have gotten older.  I attribute my better than average mobility and flexibility to Pilates.  I am amazed that often in an hour or less, Pilates has the ability to diminish and often cure, the daily aches and pains that show up more often as one ages.  A couple of years ago, I developed a torn meniscus in my knee and was sent to physical therapy.  It was noticeably less helpful than Pilates which I have continued to do twice a week.  It has been over two years and I have avoided surgery thus far.  I have tried to convince every senior I know to take this up; it appears it is never too late.  Since 2006, I have worked with Jenna Goode. I have also worked with Amanda Kramer & Megan McCusker in the last few years.

Lucia Gilliland

Memphis, TN

I have been taking Pilates from Jenna Goode for over 10 years and it has been the most important form of exercise for me during this time, even though I also run and play tennis.  Pilates has been extremely helpful in diminishing my lower back pain.  Jenna offers a wonderful variety of choices - from private lessons to more cardio intensive barre group classes.  What I love most about Pilates is the emphasis on strengthening and lengthening muscles and Jenna's ability to tailor lessons and classes to meet the needs of her clients.

Jeannie Tabor

Memphis, TN

A 50-year old athlete (sort of) and orthopedic physician, I find Pilates to be the perfect combination of core strengthening, balance, and flexibility training that my middle age body needs.  If your back hurts sometimes, or all the time, try Pilates before you see a doctor.

Dr. Owen Tabor

Memphis, TN

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